Royal Vicona Suiting

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Royal Vicuna is the finest wool made of the fleece of the Vicuna (a slender animal with a long neck). It is so valuable that it is rightly called the finest wool of the world. This fabric has been useful to survive the freezing winters with its ultra fine and extremely dense texture. Royal Vicuna holds superb temperature regulation properties.

Royal Vicuna fabric is popular for its extreme warmth insulation and lightness at a time. It is some of the thinnest hair fibers in the world, even eight times thinner than human hair! Products made from Royal Vicuna are very soft and warm, making you feel it more like satin than wool, while keeping the properties of wool.

Fabric: Wool

Property: Winter Season Fabric

Measurement per suit piece:

  Length: 4 Meter

Width:  54″ to 56″

Colors Available: 7

Color & Quality Guaranteed!

Any required measurement available on demand.

*Note: Due to the photographic lighting & different screen calibrations, the colors of the original product or fabric may slightly vary from the picture.

Showing all 2 results